Melbourne University Car Club Inc.

  • “Hell Trial” Tour

    The Akademos ’63 “Hell Trial” Tour is a two-day non-speed, non-timed Navigational Assembly on open public roads between Melbourne and Traralgon. The route closely replicates the route of the famous 1963 Akademos, nicknamed the “Hell Trial” because of terrible weather and difficult navigation. The route will cover approximately 190 miles on the Saturday and 175…

  • New Rally regulations

    New rally regulations in force from 1st July 2023. We look forward to complying with the new regulations for the upcoming Akademos Rally in October, and are confident the changes will improve the safety of competitors in our sport. Of particular note to competitors: Single, double and Triple Cautions are to be replaced by “Care”…

  • New website coming soon!

    What? You are sick of reading the same content from back in 2015? the world has changed a bit since then!