New Rally regulations

New rally regulations in force from 1st July 2023. We look forward to complying with the new regulations for the upcoming Akademos Rally in October, and are confident the changes will improve the safety of competitors in our sport.

Of particular note to competitors:

  • Single, double and Triple Cautions are to be replaced by “Care” “Caution” and “Danger“.
  • Sites of previous accidents on a section of road shall be identified in the Road Book as a “Black Spot

Special Stage Rally Regs as of 1st July 2023…—special-stage-rallies—2023.pdf?sfvrsn=f114fe5d_14

While we are here, this is latest update for all rallies, effective July 1st too.—events-general—2023.pdf?sfvrsn=c1a6bd2a_12